Are You Expecting?

Congratulations! Welcoming a baby to your family is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of your life. Along with the joy of bringing a new child into your home, there are bound to be times when you have questions about how to best care for your child. We are here for you and your family! We look forward to sharing this experience with you, getting to know your child, and partnering with you through the joys and trials of parenting for years to come.

Choosing your pediatrician is a big decision. We welcome meeting prospective families and answering your questions. We offer monthly group meet and greet visits with one of our pediatricians.  If you prefer, we can also arrange a private prenatal consultation.

The next group visit is Wednesday, 11/18/20 at 6:15pm, via Zoom!  Register here so we can send you the Zoom link.

When you deliver:

Babies delivered at any hospital will be cared for by the pediatricians in that hospital. On the day of discharge, you should be instructed on when your baby needs the first appointment (usually 1-3 days after discharge). Please call for your baby's first appointment before you leave the hospital.

Your Newborn's First Office Visit:
Please make your first appointment with us 1-3 days after discharge from the hospital or as the discharge physician recommends.

Please bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Any paperwork from the hospital, including hearing screen results and immunization record.
  • Any available insurance information. The baby is usually covered under the mother’s insurance for the first 30 days. Please contact your insurance company to add your baby to the policy as soon as you can.
  • Please complete the new patient forms prior to your visit.

Books we find helpful :

  • Baby 411 by Ari Brown M.D. and Denise Fields.
  • My Child is Sick!, Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries by Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP
  • Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 5th Edition: Birth to Age 5 (Shelov, Caring for your Baby and Young Child, Birth to Age 5 by American Academy Of Pediatrics
  • Touchpoints-Birth to Three by T. Berry Brazelton
  • Vaccines and your Child: Separating Facts from Fiction by Dr. Paul Offit.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!