If an emergency should arise, please call 911.

Emergencies are considered to be those conditions that are life-threatening: loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, difficulty breathing, seizure, etc.

For poison control, dial 800-222-1222.

Many pediatric conditions do not require emergency treatment and can be safely treated the same day or the following day in our office. If you are unsure, please call us (even after hours), and we will advise you.

The common concerns below are important to you and to us. Although they may need to be addressed, they are not emergencies:
  • Fever:  If your child is more than 2 months old, fever is not an emergency!  It is the body's natural immune response to germs.  The elevated temperature helps to fight off the germs!  Read more about fever.
  • Medication refills should be requested during office hours, through your pharmacy, or via the Patient Portal.
  • Appointments should be scheduled during regular office hours.
  • Our website has abundant information regarding common childhood illnesses and medication dosing.
  • You can also visit our Patient Portal to look up information about our child, request refills of medication, and ask routine, non-urgent questions. Questions via the Patient Portal will receive a response in 2-3 business days.