South Philadelphia Pediatrics now offers telehealth/video visits!

If using a computer, register/log in here.  You will need to use Google Chrome as your browser.

If using a mobile device, download the Anytime Pediatrics app and use our office code 1559 to register.  

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What is Telehealth?

A telehealth visit is a virtual visit via video conferencing.  It allows your child to be seen by one of one of your regular pediatricians without coming into the office.  

Telehealth visits are not appropriate for all types of visits since our physical exam will be limited.  For example, we are unable to listen to your child's heart or lungs or check ears.  We are also unable to perform tests such as a urine test or a strep test.

Some common concerns we may be able to evaluate during a telehealth visit:
Cold symptoms
Pink eye
Mild injuries

Please call our office to schedule a telemedicine visit.  Our front desk staff will help determine if a telehealth visit is appropriate based on your child's symptoms.  Also, sometimes after a telehealth visit we will ask you to bring your child into our office if we think they need a more thorough exam or test that cannot be performed virtually.  

All telehealth visits will be submitted to your insurance company.  Many insurance companies are waiving copays for visits related to COVID-19.  As with all visits, the cost (including copays) is determined by your insurance company. 

Preparing for your telehealth visit:

  • You can use any computer, tablet, or mobile device with a camera and microphone.  See above on how to register.
  • Make sure your child is available during the visit and relevant clothes are removed.
  • Try to be in a location with good lighting.
  • Check your child's weight and temperature prior to the visit.
  • Have a flashlight available (you can use one on a phone).
  • Know your child's medications and have your pharmacy information available.